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If you are like most creative hotel website design for hotel industry in Sri Lanka, All websites are not created equal. We build websites from the ground up, customizing every design element, every word of copy and every line of code to reflect the unique identity your hotel or resort. Our process begins with in-depth research and consultation and finishes with a website that not only looks amazing, but is also equipped to engage visitors, strengthen your digital brand identity and maximize direct bookings over the long term.Good responsive website design for hotels isn’t just about switching up font sizes and turning navigation into drop-down menus. It’s about understanding user intent across different devices, particularly when it comes to mobile.

A huge amount of people now use mobile when they’re browsing and booking their travel plans. More than two thirds of leisure and business travelers use their smart phones to research travel, and this year it’s projected that more than half of all online travel bookings will be made using a mobile device. This upward trend in travel is particularly evident in the hotel and apartment rental industry, both of which lead the way when it comes to the percentage of online bookings being made via mobile. For hotels to be successful with responsive web design, they first must understand these travel behaviors and how to adapt the design so that it best accommodates these behaviors. This may include highlighting some features on the mobile view over others, such as emphasizing the phone number and making it “callable” when a user taps on it. Having a responsive website has some obvious benefits for today, but it also brings some pretty significant advantages for the years to come. By 2018, it’s predicted that mobile devices will account for 37% of all online hotel and travel bookings. Having a hotel website (Hotel, Resort, Guest House, Villa, Bungalow & Cottages) that is only optimized for desktop will inevitably lead to a growing number of dissatisfied users who choose to book elsewhere.


Particularly designed for Hotel Industry

Fully Touch & Responsive Design
100% support with PC, Laptop, Smart TV, Tablet, iPad and any Smart Phone - No Need Zoom in Mobile Devices
Specially Retina Ready – Only for iPhones & iPad
Room Details
Photo Gallery, Facilities & Amenities
Room Management
Room Availability Calendar, Add Extra Charges for Room, Calculate Offer or Discount, Booking Report System.
Online Booking
Show your rooms with clear availability and a booking calendar. Allow your visitors to enquire by email, or make real time bookings.
Online Guest Book & Testimonial
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Site Visitor Report with Social Media Integration
Website Update Easily
You can update photos, contents & reviews to wedsite yourself